Box is Back!

Palatine, IL – The Chicago Outlaws, proud members of the GPBLL, returned to camp last week after a long and, quite frankly, odd winter and spring. The Outlaws have a solid core group of lacrosse veterans returning and have also aded a lot of new, young faces. With the new talent and the veteran leadership the team looks to embark on a successful season after joining theĀ Great Plains Box Lacrosse League (GPBLL) this past spring. With camp starting on June 8th, the Outlaws still had to deal with social distancing and COVID precautions where players were split into 4 groups. Roughly 40 players attended camp, on day 1 of camp we set up 4 stations:

1. Circuit workout

2. Film and rule book review

3. White board learning

4. Turf time with drills

“With many new players making the cross from field to box, there were many teaching opportunities from the vets during day 1 but overall intensity was great” said Head Coach and General Manager, A.J. Collier.

Day 2 asked a little more out of our players as the intensity grew and players knew they were fighting for roster spots. Day 2 was ramped up and the guys really put in some good training. Many new players starting picking up the little details and the vets shook off the rust. Unfortunately day 2 was cut short due to a power outage, but we certainly made the most of it.

On day 3, the drills and play were its strongest all week, players were absorbing and applying the information. Guys were flying around making good picks and taking smart shots. Defense was holding it’s own and goalies were making some fantastic saves. Lots of reps were taken on day 3 and coaches seemed to love the intensity and talent they were watching. “My biggest focus for this team is to build chemistry and fill the team with coachable players. This camp has shown us we have not only done that, but in the process created some amazing veteran leadership. All the ‘new sticks’ got some great instruction from the vets, we are in great shape heading into our weekly practices” said team president Ray Kincaid.

After 3 days of intense workouts and good box play, the Outlaws come out the other end ready make their mark during the inaugural season of the GPBLL! Boy is it nice to have box back!? GO OUTLAWS!

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