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A.J. Collier II, General Manager – Collier has previously served as Head Coach of the Chicago Outlaws, leading us to a Championship in 2014, and has since increased his role in player and personnel management.  Collier has developed our staff with use of his lacrosse network he has built over the years.  Collier has coached at the High School, College and Semi-professional level since 1994 and his knowledge is vital to our development as the Outlaws transition from a team to an organization. Collier has his mind set on developing our junior program and helping kids grow their lacrosse skills and abilities through boxla.

Brian Larsen, Head Coach – As Larsen plays out his last years as our goaltender, he has been promoted to the Head Coach.  Larsen has been around boxla since he was a boy playing in his home town of Regina, Saskatchewan CA. Larsen competed at the Senior A Level for the Owen Sound North Stars of the Ontario Lacrosse Association and participated in the Major Series Lacrosse.  Larsen is a founding member of the Chicago Outlaws and has played for us both as forward and goaltender. His knowledge of the game and the respect he has earned from our players will help lead this team to another championship.

Mike Aiello, Defensive Coordinator – As an ex-defenseman for for the Outlaws, Aiello has learned a lot about what it means to be a shut down defender.  Aiello looks to use that knowalage to help our defense re-build and be the shut down crew that built the Outlaws.

Jim Blaz, Strength Coordinator – As founder of Blazing Speed, Jim has much to teach us about nutrition, speed training, strength training, conditioning and more.  Blaz’s workouts will increase our abilities through physical fitness.  We are one of the only BLL teams with a coordinator dedicated to our athletes bodies and health.  As an organization all our athletes in the Jr. and Sr. levels will benefit from Blaz’s techniques; we are lucky to have him.


Raymond M. Kincaid II, President  – for more than 10 years “Ray” has been involved in professional sports management for teams in the NLL, ECHL, MASL, CIF and of course the BLL.  Ray has a variety of front office positions, from Account Executive of Ticket Sales to the General Manager, Kincaid has had a vast experience in the sporting world. Kincaid has also been contracted to work for the Big 10 during their women’s basketball tournament, Notre Dame Hockey for their Shillelagh Tournament, and USA Volleyball for their pre-Olympic matches vs Poland and Bulgaria.  Kincaid’s experience has been and continues to be valuable as the Outlaws build their brand and fan base here in the Chicago-Land Area.